WishList Insider – Forum Focus 298

The Insider Forum is always available to help.

It is a place to ask and answer questions. It is a place to research various membership topics.

It is also a place to interact with the community.

Here is a quick sample of what is being highlighted in this latest Forum Focus.

  • Stock Images, Videos And Audios
  • Main Domain Or Sub-Domain
  • A Potential Payment Option

Please keep reading for more details.

Clip Art Sources (Updated With New Source)

This forum thread has been updated with a new suggestion for stock photos.

But the recently added site also includes additional stock products like vector images, videos, and audios. It is always helpful to find additional sources for stock items as using a single site can result in the choices becoming a bit stale over time.

How often do search results on the usual site you use come back with the same images you have seen countless times before?

Variety is key to keeping everything fresh.

Find out more in this forum conversation.


WooCommerce On A Sub-Domain Separate From WishList Member?

This is a good example of an Insider looking for suggestions and opinions from other Insiders.

The topic of installing WishList Member on the main URL or a sub-domain is introduced in this particular case. Woocommerce is also injected into the mix as a possible ingredient to the site.

What would you recommend in a case like this?

You probably need more information in order to make an informed decision.

Additional details are provided in the full message within the forum and we invite you to join the conversation.


WishList Member & Shopify

Have you integrated WishList Member with Shopify?

That is the specific question an Insider is posing in this thread. We encourage you to share your thoughts if you have any experience with the online payment option.

Or maybe you have looked into this potential payment option and decided to go another way based on what you discovered.

We welcome all view points so please feel free to join the conversation.

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