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The Insider community is full of intelligent and clever individuals.

The member base all bring their own skill set to the table and many are willing to share their expertise and knowledge in the forum. So the first step towards finding an answer is to post a question.

Here are a few quick examples…

  • Jumping Into Affiliate Marketing
  • Automatic Registration
  • Learning Management Systems

Keep reading to find out more…

Affiliate Program

Dipping a toe into the pool of Affiliate Marketing can seem a bit daunting at first.

Where do you start? Which tools should you use? How does it all actually work?

There are a few additional wrinkles that come up when wanting to offer an affiliate program to members.

Can you provide free access to a level if that member attracts a set number of additional members? How could this be tracked? Are there additional aspects to consider that are specific to membership sites?

We invite you to join this discussion and inject any suggestions or share any of your own experiences.


Auto Registration Functionality

WishList Member allows for those who sign up as members to create their own username and password.

This is the typical functionality for the registration process as it allows the member to select login information they will easily remember.

But sometimes a site owner may want to look into the possibility of automatically creating a member account for those who purchase access to the level. This would involve creating the username and password for the member.

This forum thread explains some of the details that go into the registration process.


Learning Management System (LMS) – LearnDash, WP Coureware

An Insider is looking for those who may have used a Learning Management System with WishList Member.

The popularity of LMS is growing and more site owners are curious about giving one a try.

But with so many choices comes… a choice. Which one is a good fit for you and your members?

Please feel free to post your thoughts on any LMS you may have used. Perhaps you have first hand experience with one of the listed systems and can provide some tips or recommendations.

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