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You can get in on these discussions right now…

  • Plugins To Provide Additional Functionality
  • Delivering Specific Content
  • Importing Member With Subscriptions

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Where Do I Find The WishList Audio Player Plugin?

We have developed a number of additional plugins over the years (more than 30).

These various plugins include functionality that is not included in the WishList Member core.

The specific functionality up for discussion in this forum thread is an audio player. An Insider was looking for a plugin to address his audio needs after another plugin did not work out. The solution ended up being even closer than originally thought.

Find out which plugin was suggested and where to find it.


Members Area Set-Up Strategy

Delivering protected content to the correct members is an important aspect of a membership site.

You can be creative when coming up with ways to display content once a member logs in and there are plenty of different options to consider. The topic of a Downloads page for members is the focus of this forum conversation.

How can members purchase one or multiple items and then easily access them?

The concept of a Downloads page using Private Tags has been brought up.

But we also want to encourage you to post your own suggestions.

Please visit this thread and add your thoughts and ideas.


Importing Existing Members Into New Stripe/WishList Member Site

Deciding to switch from another membership platform to WishList Member can come with some questions.

One of the main questions typically has to do with existing recurring payments.

How can the member accounts in WishList Member be tied to the existing recurring payments?

This is a valid point to consider when making the switch to WishList Member and an option related to transaction IDs is explained.

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