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There are times when we are unsure of the next step.

This happens to everyone at some point.

We are diligently working away on a project or making plans to take action and it happens… a mental road black arrives in the form of a question we cannot answer.

But there are ways to find those answers. The Insider Forum is an excellent source for helpful information and we are going to highlight some of specific questions right now.

Please keep reading to learn more.

Help With Integration

Setting up an integration with an online payment processor is a vital step for many sites as they prepare to accept payment from members.

Unwanted issues will quickly arise if you cannot accept payments properly.

It can seem a bit difficult when the process doesn’t go exactly as planned. An Insider ran into an error message when setting up an integration and asked for some assistance in the forum.

The specific error message is something that has been seen before and a response was posting with some options for testing and investigation.

It may benefit you to check out this potential error now in case you find yourself in a similar situation in the future.

Best Forum Integrations? Buddypress, bbPress or? (Updated With New Suggestion)

We are circling back to this thread as it has been updated with another suggestion from the Insider community.

These new comments include another option for a forum solution.

One of the reasons building a membership site on the WordPress platform is so great is because of all the options. There are so many plugins and services that work well with a WordPress site.

This new addition to this conversation applies the spotlight to a forum option you may not know is available. It doesn’t get mentioned as much as other forum solutions but may be a good fit for you and your members.

Which Theme Are You Using… Now?

Selecting a new theme on a WordPress site is a relatively easy process.

A few clicks usually takes care of everything from downloading the theme to installing and activating it.

There are so many choices for themes that it can be tempting to want to switch to a new theme at any given moment. But changing themes on a regular basis isn’t very realistic.

So we are curious what theme you are using now and what other theme (or themes) might be grabbing your attention.

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