WishList Insider – Forum Focus 292

We are trying something a bit different with this latest look into the Insider Forum.

This is what we are calling a “Blast From The Past” edition of Forum Focus. The focus is being applied to some classic conversations pulled from the Forum archives.

These discussions may be older than the typical featured threads but they still provide as much usefulness and knowledge as their more recent counterparts.

Here is a sample of some of the topics we are covering.

  • Members Sharing Passwords
  • Pages Or Posts For Courses
  • Exclusive Member Podcasts

Please keep reading to take a look back…

Security – To Prevent Password Sharing And Multiple IP Logins?

Most membership sites intend for each member account to be owned and used by an individual.

The person who signed up can login and access the protected content that corresponds with their membership level. But what happens if that member decides to share their login info with some one else? That results in two members gaining access for the price of one.

This perplexing problem can be compounded even more if that one member shares their username and password with multiple people.

This forum thread was originally started back in the first quarter of 2015 but the responses from Insiders still hold true today.

Find out what options are available for login limits, IP tracking, and more.


Pages Or Posts For Course Content?

This thread takes us back nearly a year ago.

The question being asked is something that each membership site owner running a course will need to answer for themselves. The answer will help determine how they set up their course content and access.

Pages or Posts?

Which is the ideal option to provide content? Is one better than the other?
A number of pros and cons are discussed in this thread as the benefits to both methods are laid out.

Check out the full conversation to find out which is the best fit for you.


Member-Only Podcast Feed?

Podcasts are even more popular now than they were when this particular forum conversation was originally struck up.

Some Insiders are talking about ways to protect the content they release via podcasts feeds and the options that are available. Providing members with exclusive podcasts is an effective way to both deliver content and create a reason for members to stick around as they will want to get that next episode.

If you are unsure about podcasts, RSS feeds, and the general concepts of podcasting then this forum thread should provide some guidance.

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