WishList Insider – Forum Focus 291

If you have membership site questions, the Insider Forum should be on your radar.

There are many existing forum conversations that cover a wide range of membership topics. These can be useful when looking for solutions or trying to avoid common issues.

Here are a few sample of topics being discussed by Insiders…

  • Can Something Be Un-Cancelled?
  • Cleaning Up A Product Page
  • Which PayPal Option Is The Right Fit?

Keep reading for more details.

Un-Cancel A Paid Member

How do you “un-cancel” something that has been cancelled?

This question relates to the membership level being cancelled when payment fails for a member. The membership level is cancelled and the member can no longer access the content in the protected level.

So, what happens when the member updates their payment method and is back in good standing with their membership fees?

That is the discussion happening within this forum thread.

A scenario involving the Transaction ID is suggested as a way to handle the cancelled level.


Cleaning Up A “Product Page” Created In Woocommerce

One thing to keep in mind is that not all forum discussions need to revolve around WishList Member.

While the WishList Member software is a popular conversation starter, there are many other membership site topics and tools that get their time in the spotlight too. This particular thread is a good example of this.

An Insider wants to adjust the look of their Product page. There is some formatting they would like to clean up and another Insider offers some advice and a suggestion.

These types of conversations are helpful to those involved and to anyone else in similar situations.


PayPal Shortcode Button Doesn’t Allow Payment With PayPal

The PayPal integration options for WishList Member were expanded a while back to cover three popular PayPal options.

– PayPal Payments Standard

– PayPal Payments Pro

– PayPal Express Checkout

Each of these options includes different features and settings to allow members to pay for a membership. You may want to allow members to stay on your site when they purchase. Or you may want to control the redirect that occurs after they pay at the PayPal site.

In this case, an Insider wants to allow members to pay with an actual PayPal account.

Check out the forum thread to find out which option may be right for them and which option may be a good fit for you.

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