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Here are some samples of what we are highlighting this time:

  • Adding Functionality To A WishList Plugin
  • The Difference Between Registration And Login
  • An Update To A Recently Featured Thread

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Social Sharing Plugin That Works With WishList Points

This particular thread looks into the possibilities that are available with a specific WishList produced plugin.

WL Points is a popular plugin that was developed to allow a site owner to award points based on different actions throughout a site. Actions like logging in each day or posting a comment results in additional points being added.

This plugin comes with a solid feature set but as with many plugins, some users want a bit more flexibility. In this case, the option to issue points when dealing with social media actions.

This is a very fair request and the possible ways to add these features are discussed in this conversation.


New (Unsolicited) Sign Up/Login

There are multiple ways someone can register for a membership but is there more than one way to login?

That topic gets discussed as the differences between registration forms and login forms are addressed.

Can a member login using the same form if they belong to multiple membership levels?

Can a login form be used to register?

Can a registration form be used to login?

These are all questions that come up in this thread.

We invite you to visit the forum for all the answers.


Notification Of Reply To Comment Plugin (Updated With New Plugin Suggestion)

We actually featured this conversation in Forum Focus fairly recently but it has since been updated with some additional helpful hints.

Members are more likely to respond with a follow up comment if they know that someone else posted their own response.

That is part of the thinking behind adding a plugin to keep members notified when replies are posted. An Insider added their own follow up in this thread and mentioned the plugin they tried that has been working for them.

Find out what solution is being suggested. It just might work for you as well.

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