WishList Insider – Forum Focus 284

What are Insiders discussing in the forum?

We take a sneak peek at a few conversations in this latest edition of Forum Focus.

Here is a sample of what gets covered:

  • Start High And Then Go Low
  • Selling Digital Products
  • Member Re-Engagement

Keep reading for all the details.

PayPal – Initial Higher Joining Fee. Lower Ongoing Subscription

Setting up a recurring payment plan is a popular option for a number of membership sites.

Many recurring plans charge a set fee each month and members will retain an active account as long as they continue to pay the cost of membership. Each month sees the processing of the same monthly fees for each member.

But what if a site owner wants to charge one amount for the first month and then a different amount for the following months?

This can sometimes be the case if there is a higher initial sign up cost and then lower monthly payments moving forward.

This is the main topic of conversation in this thread and we invite you to add your voice to the mix. Perhaps you have a similar set up with your site and can share some insight.


Plugin To Sell Digital Products

Creating and selling digital products is an attractive prospect for membership site owners.

A membership site provides an ideal situation to offer up different products for members. The community is clearly interested in what the site is already presenting and are likely open to considering additional offers that fall into the same membership niche.

An Insider is asking about available methods to sell and deliver digital products to their members.

They have noted a few options they found along the way and asked for any more suggestions from the Insider community.

Are you selling digital products on your site? Please feel free to check out this forum thread and post any thoughts or ideas.


Notification Of Low Use Members

An interesting idea is brought up by an Insider in this thread.

They want to view which members have a lower frequency of logging in so they can work on a re-engagement process. Members who are not logging in as often and therefore aren’t engaging with the community tend to cancel.

So this Insider is looking for a way to track member login activity to try and prevent some of those potential cancellations.

A plugin is suggested that may deliver the functionality needed to track member usage statistics.

Are you tracking member activity? Or do you have some tips for member engagement?

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