WishList Insider – Forum Focus 283

Lets see what is happening in the Insider Forum.

Our weekly look at the forum includes many useful and interesting tips within the Insider conversations. You may find that someone has already posted a question that relates to your situation.

Or, you may want to follow up with a question of your own.

Some of the topics addressed in this edition include:

  • Will WishList Member Change Your Theme?
  • How Fast Is Your Connection?
  • The Point Of A Plugin

Keep reading for all the details.

Michael Hyatt’s Get Noticed Theme And WishList Member (Updated)

This forum thread was actually started over a year ago but we wanted to feature it again since it was recently updated and the topic is a good one.

The main question in this conversation is still valid.

Will WishList Member change or effect the appearance of an installed theme?

We can understand the concern about not wanting the look and feel of a site to be altered. Selecting a theme is an important process. Many factors are considered when deciding which theme will be used to set the design of a WordPress site.

So wanting to ensure the decided upon look will not be altered is completely understandable.


How Fast Is Your Connection? – Speed Test

Internet Service Providers state the download and upload speeds they offer.

But are you really getting those speeds? Or close to those speeds?

It can be beneficial to test your connection speed a few times over the course of a set time period to see if it holds up. There are a number of different ways to test connection speed and one is mentioned in this forum thread.

It is important to note that these types of testing sites may not be completely accurate but they do provide a good idea of your connection speed.

Do you know your current connection speed?

Find out more in the forum.


WishList Points Plugin

We touch upon a WishList developed plugin and have a little fun with puns in this forum discussion.

An Insider has discovered some unexpected functionality with WL Points.

What is the “point” of this functionality?

This plugin allows for the issuing of points based on different set actions throughout a site. This can help to encourage members to login, comments, etc. The reported issue in this thread was noted and discussed with our development team.

Our team is always on the look out for reported issues and ways to improve and update plugins.

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