WishList Insider – Forum Focus 282

There is always plenty to talk about in the forum.

A wide range of questions are asked and answered by the knowledgeable members of the WishList Insider community. As always, we invite you to join in the discussions.

Here is a quick sample of topics of conversation.

  • Removing And Preventing Malware
  • Choosing The Right Forum
  • WishList Member Updates And Feature Requests

Jump in for more details…

Malware On My WordPress Sites On Hostgator – How To Protect?

Dealing with malware is not usually something everyone plans for.

It often sneaks up and strikes at the most inopportune moment. A message from your hosting provider letting you know there is malware on your site may be the first sign there is an issue.

What can you do if you discover malware has been found on your site?

A few different options for malware clean up and malware prevention have been posted in this forum thread.

We recommend taking a few moments and reviewing these suggestions as they may help you to prevent your own case of malware. Being proactive when it comes to this type of thing can pay off in the long run.


Best Forum Integrations? Buddypress, bbpress or ?

There are a few choices when it comes to WordPress forum options.

Each offers a specific set of features and functionality. One forum plugin may have more “bells and whistles” you are looking for while another may have a more appealing design. These types of variables can lead to a difficult decision when choosing the forum that fits the needs of your members.

How did you choose your forum? We are interested in what went into your decision and if you are ultimately pleased with the forum you selected.

Please feel free to post your experiences and any advice you would like to share.


Two Tech Issues I Encounter With My WishList Member

This “Quick Hit” forum thread is a good example of an Insider reporting an issue with WishList Member and the WishList Team posting a message about a fix.

There was a scheduling conflict with an aspect of WishList Member that popped up when the new year arrived and a fix was quickly created and issued.

A feature request was also posted in this conversation and it was added to the WishList Member Feature Request list for future consideration.

Insiders who have any feature requests can post them in the forum. The WishList Team can add them to the list that gets assessed for possible inclusion in a new version of WishList Member.

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