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  • Navigating A Customer Flow
  • Where Did The Numbers Go?
  • Looking For A Pop-up Solution

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Got Lost In A Customer Flow. Any Help?

An easy to follow customer flow is important for potential members.

If someone decides to join your online your community, you do not want them to experience any road blocks along the way. The ideal sign up situation involves as few clicks as possible.

An Insider started this thread out by posting a desired sign up process and asking for some advice on how to make it happen.

Perhaps you have a similar sign up process or have a suggestion that might help.

Please check out this form conversation and feel free to share any ideas.


Need Help – Level Numbers Gone With New PayPal Integration

We featured this thread in a previous Forum Focus but wanted to follow up with it as some additional information has been shared.

WishList Member has been updated recently to include an easy to use PayPal Standard Payment integration. This updated integration makes the set up process easier. But, we understand that some users may still need the previous integration settings.

So, where can those be found?

That is the topic of conversation in this feature forum entry.

You may want to get more details if you use the PayPal integration.


Pop-up Messages Plugin

Do you use pop-ups on your site?

There are many options when it comes to pop-ups and it can be difficult to find the solution that fits your needs. That is the situation an Insider is dealing with as they look for assistance in the forum.

The key request is functionality with portfolio items.

A few options have been posted but there is always room for more.

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