WishList Insider – Forum Focus 280

There are a few topics to think about in this edition of Forum Focus.

The Insiders have asked some interesting questions that need a bit of thought to decide the best course of action.

For example…

  • Can Members View Protected Profiles?
  • Can You Protect A Portion Of A Post?
  • Can Members Stay On The Same Page After Login?

Please keep reading for all the details.

Membership Networking Site – Extra Plugin Required?

Do you offer the ability for members to view other member profiles?

An Insider is searching for a way to protect a listing of businesses from the public while also making that same list accessible for members.

Some potential solutions have been mentioned including a forum or a directory plugin. But what it the best option? Are there other options available?

This is where you come in.

We invite you to join the conversation and share any ideas.


Allow Access To Members Only Post

An Insider is looking to protect a portion of members only content while also leaving some of the content available for everyone else.

This is a pretty popular protection method but this particular case is wanting to be a bit more specific.

More tag protection and shortcodes have been considered but additional suggestions are more than welcome. Please check out this in depth forum discussion and add your thoughts to the mix.

You may have a similar process in place as the one being described.


Set Different “After Login” Page For Each E-Course Lesson

WishList Member allows you to set an After Login page for each level.

A member will be directed to the set After Login page each time they login to your site. This allows you to place common links and information on a page that members see each time they login.

But, what if you want a member to be sent back to the protected page they tried to access before they were redirected to the non members page?

Is this possible?

There are a couple of available options and they are discussed in this forum thread.

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