WishList Insider – Forum Focus 278

When was the last time you posted a comment in the Insider Forum?

It may have been a while or perhaps you have never added your voice to the mix.

Well, please allow us to invite you change all that.

Here are some forum highlights that you may want to learn more about while adding your own thoughts and opinions.

  • Progress Bars And Certificates
  • What Was The Name Of That Plugin?
  • Looking For An Automated Solution

Keep reading for all the details…

Brainstorming – Additions To Course Site

An Insider has posted two very interesting ideas for delivering more value to his members.

He is looking for ways to provide a visual progress indicator and certificate to those who take part in an available course. This site owner just needs to find out the best way to accomplish his goals.

So what should he do?

Posting his questions in the Insider Forum was a great start.

Some suggestions have been posted and we encourage you to add any ideas you may have to the conversation. Maybe you have already set up something similar to what is being described.

Please head over to the forum for all the details.


What Plugin Should I Use?

“What was the name of that plugin again?…”

Anyone who works with WordPress sites on a regular basis can likely relate to that question. You remember a specific functionality or feature set but cannot recall the name of the actual plugin.

An insider described what they are looking to achieve and received a response that helped guide them down the right path in this forum conversation.

If you even find yourself looking for a specific plugin, feel free to ask around in the forum. It is highly probable that an Insider knows exactly what you’re talking about.


Is There Any Way To Create A List Of Enrolled Courses?

This is another example of an Insider looking for some advice.

The topic of automation is at the center of this thread as they are looking to automatically display new courses to members when they are added.

Custom post types and private tags are mentioned in the initial forum post but the Insider is open to any ideas. Perhaps you have a solution for this specific scenario.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide some suggestions.

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