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Here is a quick sample of some topics of conversation:

  • Members Staying On The Same Page After Login
  • Short Codes Appearing In Code Form On Live Site
  • Choosing A Payment Processor

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Email Links To Page That’s Not After Login Page

WishList Member includes a feature that will redirect members to a set After Login page each time they sign into the site.

This is a useful feature as it ensures the members will be sent to an area that the site owner has intended. Often times, a dashboard will be set as the After Login page which allows the members to quickly locate what they want.

That all being said, there are times when a site owner may want the members to remain on the current page they are accessing once they login instead of being redirected to the After Login page. This is a common request when it comes to protected links that appear in emails sent to members.

How can a member remain on the same page they accessed through an email link once they login?

This forum thread discussed a tool that can help.


Just Noticed That Isn’t Working On My Site

This is a “Quick Hit” forum that deals with short codes appearing as actual code on the live site.

A WishList Member short code is a very effective way to display specific information for specific members or membership levels. The short code is added to the content section of the page or post and then WishList Member displays the correct information on the live site based on that code.

Short codes are popular and make for an enhanced user experience for members.

But what happens if you see the actual short code on the live site?

Why would the code appear instead of the intended specific information that should be showing?

The first thing to check is addressed in this forum thread.


Easy Digital Downloads And WishList Member

Selecting a payment processor is an important decision.

There are many choices available and they all seem to offer different feature sets and functionality.

So how do you find the one that is right for you?

An Insider is asking about a specific option in this forum thread and has a bit of an interesting situation based on what they want it to accomplish.

We invite you to join the conversation.

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