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When was the last time you checked out the Insider Forum?

There is always plenty of activity within the forum and lots to talk about with Insiders and the WishList Team.

Here is a quick sample of some questions being addressed:

  • What If Your Refund Policy?
  • Do You Use A Security Plugin?
  • Where Is Your License Activated?

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Refund Policies

How do you handle refund requests?

There are many reasons why a member might want a refund. Some may seem like valid reasons while others may leave you scratching your head a bit.

Either way, a refund policy needs to be established and it should be clear to all members.

This forum thread involves a few Insiders sharing their opinions on this topic. The conversation includes a number of interesting points that had me thinking about refunds in a different way.

We all want to avoid refunds but that doesn’t mean we should avoid knowing how to handle them.


Free Security Plugin

This thread was started a little over one year ago but it has been updated recently with some additional content that grabbed my interest.

Protecting a community from security threats like brute force attacks and hacking attempts is an important part of site maintenance.

I’m a huge fan of the old saying… “An ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure”.

Basically, that just means if you can put forth a little bit of effort now to protect and safe guard your membership site, it’ll prevent a bigger headache down the line.

The main topic of conversation in this thread is security plugins and which one might be the best fit for a membership site.

Are you using a security plugin? Or perhaps you are considering installing one in the near future.

We recommend checking out what Insiders have to say.


The License Has Already Been Activated

Have you ever run into an issue where your WishList Member license was activated on a different URL that the one you expected?

This can happen if the activated site URL is altered (www added or removed, https added or removed, sub-folder, sub-domain, a change at the server level, etc.).

There is a quick way to find out where your license is activated and how you can easily deactivate it if needed.

Find out more in this forum thread.

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