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  • An Insider Wants Your Opinion
  • The WishList Member Widget
  • Member Interaction

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Launched My Membership Site

An Insider recently launched a new site and is looking for feedback.

Opening the doors and welcoming members into a community is a big step in the building of a membership site. You are invited to check out the site and post your thoughts in this thread.

A few people have already added responses.

Viewing a site that was built by another Insider can also help you come up with ideas that could be applied to your own site.

Inspiration can be triggered by the smallest detail which can lead to big changes.


WishList Member Login Widget

This is a “Quick Hit” forum thread that deals with a popular WishList Member feature.

The WishList Member widget includes a login form which can be placed on a site to allow members to login at any time. This widget includes a “Register” link which directs to the Non-Members page.

But why would it direct to the Non-Members page and not to a dedicated registration form instead?

How can this link allow for registrations?

Those are valid questions and they are addressed in this forum discussion.


Communication And Private Messaging Between Members

Do your members want to interact?

Many individuals join a membership site and find that relationships are easily formed with the other members. This is typically a pretty common and welcome side effect to joining a community.

This results in members wanting to engage in conversation with others.

Perhaps the ability to send and receive Private Messages would be a good solution.

That is the topic of conversation in this thread and we ask that anyone with experience or ideas for messaging options please share their thoughts.

A few possibilities have been posted and we are looking for more.

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