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The spotlight gets applied to a few specific conversations from within the forum each week and here is a taste of what you’ll find this time around.

We’re focusing in on the following subjects…

  • The Internal WordPress Search Feature
  • Memberships With The Status “For Approval”
  • Protection Based On Custom Post Types

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Search Area

Are your members able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily?

It is important that content be available within a few clicks for members when they are searching for it. This is where the WordPress site search can provide some assistance.

But is the site search enabled on your site?

Are the WishList Member protection settings for the site search configured correctly?

These are key questions and they are the topic of conversation within this forum thread.


Membership Held For Approval

Have you ever had a new member join and their account status appears as “For Approval”?

We are aware of cases where a site owner has never seen this status before and then all of a sudden a member will appear who seems to require approval.

This status can be the result of a few different scenarios.

The potential reasons a member account may require approval are discussed in this forum thread.

Reading over this forum conversation may save you some time down the road if you ever come across a “For Approval” member.


Third Party Video Gallery And WishList Member

This is a “Quick Hit” forum thread that touches upon Custom Post Types and how they can be used to protect and set access to different types of content.

WishList Member can be used to protect WordPress Posts and Pages but it might surprise some users to know that it can also be used to protect Custom Post Types.

This opens the door to many more protection and access possibilities for membership sites.

We have highlighted this forum thread as it looks into protecting a video gallery created by a different plugin.

Please check it out to learn more about the solution found by an Insider for this situation.

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