WishList Insider – Forum Focus 263

When was the last time you visited the Insider Forum?

There are plenty of interesting conversations going on at any given moment. We have selected a few forum threads to shine a spotlight on in this new edition of Forum Focus.

This week’s highlights include:

  • Blocking IP Addresses And Allowing Members
  • Protecting An RSS Feed
  • Cancelling Access When Payment Stops

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Will Blocking IP Addresses Block Members?

Can members login if specific IP addresses are being blocked?

An Insider is dealing with IP blocking and potential brute force attacks in this forum thread. It can be a very delicate balance when trying to keep the the attackers out while still allowing the members in.

Preventing members from accessing the content they have paid for can lead to some sticky situations.

What appeared to have been an issue with a host blocking IP addresses seems to actually have been tied to a security plugin.

Get all the details by visiting this thread in the forum.


SimplePress RSS Feed Live After Membership Cancelled Or Expires

An interesting and slightly unusual situation revolving around a SimplePress forum and an RSS feed is the topic of conversation for this thread.

The site in this example does not display an excerpt in the RSS feed, but instead the full post. This means that the content is available to anyone viewing that feed.

Typically, in a case like this, the excerpt option would be used to show a small selection of the post in the feed and the rest would be protected. But the site owner would prefer that the entire post be available in the feed.

Some suggestions have been shared in this thread and we ask that you feel free to add you own thoughts and idea to the mix.


InfusionSoft Integration – Remove WishList Member Access Level

Infusionsoft is a robust system with a number of different features and capabilities.

This forum discussion looks into how membership levels can be cancelled when payment is stopped or fails in Infusionsoft.

This is a key aspect to a membership site so it is important to ensure it is functioning properly.

We invite you to join the conversation if you use Infusionsoft and have it set up in a way that works for you.

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