WishList Insider – Forum Focus 259

We want to take a look and see what is happening in the Insider Forum.

There are three threads that we are shining the focus on this time around.

Each forum conversation offers its own questions and answers.

Here is a brief sample of what is expanded upon this week.

  • What Does Your Theme Need To Include?
  • How Much Is “Too Much”?
  • Why Did A “Guest” Gain Access?

Keep reading for all the details.

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Full Width Home Photo with Headline, Subhead and Call to Action

How did you select your current WordPress theme?

Did you have a list of items and functionality you wanted the theme to include?

An Insider started this forum thread and described a specific idea of what they had in their mind. They are looking for a theme that will fit their needs and checks off most of the items on their want list.

Some different theme providers and one theme in particular were suggested.

Perhaps you have a theme you could recommend. Or maybe the suggested solutions within the thread will help you choose a theme of your own.

Find out more in this helpful thread.


How Much Is “Too Much”? – Email Promotions

We are curious and want your opinion.

Promotional emails are a very popular and typically effective way to sell products. But the number of emails being sent is a very delicate process.

Too many emails being sent can result in annoyed recipients and higher opt out rates.

But not enough emails going out can cause a promotion to fail due to low sales.

So what is the happy medium?

We would like for you to share your opinion and let us know in this forum thread.


“Guest” Logged In?

WordPress sites often have a large number of plugins installed at any given time.

The wide selection of available plugins is what make the WordPress platform so powerful. If you need additional functionality, it’s likely that someone has created a plugin that can make your wish a reality.

But added functionality can sometimes mean feature overlap. This topic comes up in this thread where an Insider is curious about a “Guest” user appearing in their forum.

If this Guest connected to WishList Member?

Does this Guest have access to protected content?

Those are valid questions and they are addressed during the course of this forum conversation.

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