WishList Insider – Forum Focus 258

The Insider Forum is a great place to look for answers.

There are many conversations going on at any given moment and questions are being addressed by the community and WishList Team all the time.

We are applying the focus to a few forum threads of interest this week.

  • Member Dashboard Options
  • Different Membership Types
  • Editing PlugIn Code

Keep reading for all the details.

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Shortcode Or Link To Designated After Login Page

This “Quick Hit” forum thread touches on a quick question and provides an answer just as quickly.

Yes, the key word for this thread is “quick” 🙂

An Insider is looking for some options when it comes to member dashboards and linking. It is important to ensure that members can find what they are looking for quickly (there is that word again) and easily once they login.

The Insider who asked the question comes up with a solution and another community member offers another helpful solution as well.

We invite you to check out the thread to learn more.


“Hard” Vs “Soft” Vs “Mixed” Membership Site

A few different types of membership sites are suggested by an Insider within this forum thread.

An interesting concept is explained and some follow up questions are added.

The topic of selling information is touched upon and we are curious to learn which methods Insiders use to package and offer information to members. How are you explaining what is included and how are your members receiving the information?

Please join this conversation and let us know.


Adding Triggers To WL Points

This thread is an example of an Insider wanting to add some functionality to an existing plugin.

Some options were suggested to get them pointed in the right direction when it comes to customizing a plugin. There are different options available and there are some important things to keep in mind when looking into adjusting plugin code.

The plugin being discussed in this case is WL Points and some specific suggestions were posted regarding its code.

The forum is an effective option for posting code questions for developers. The Insider community and WishList Team have their fair share of excellent programmers.

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