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What grabs our interest?

That is the question we ask ourselves when we visit the Insider Forum. We look for conversations that we believe will interest the Insiders and collect them each week in the Forum Focus.

Here is a sample of what we found this time around…

  • Member Reaction To “Free To Paid”
  • A Look At Private Tags
  • The Decision Making Process

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Free Content Turns Into Paid Content

This forum thread brings up two valid questions about scheduling free content to become paid content.

How can you set free content to automatically become paid content after a set period of time?


How will members react to needing to pay for content that used to be free?

Both of these questions need to be carefully addressed when considering a change like this. The functionality needs to exist for this price change but members need to be informed as well. Otherwise you will end up with a process that doesn’t really work and a group of members who are not happy about it.

So how can this type of price adjustment be implemented?

Please feel free to add your own thoughts and ideas to this discussion within the forum.


Hide Links If Not Yet Permission For A Certain Level

Are you using private tags?

They really are a powerful WishList Member tool that can improve the user experience for your members.

The best part is they can be added to a site in only a few seconds.

A scenario for when and how to use private tags is highlighted in this forum conversation.

One helpful Insider explains how to use the private tags based on a specific question and there is also a follow up that touches on the WishList Member short code inserter.

The code inserter makes a useful tool even better.

Find out more by joining the conversation.


Stripe Integration Plan/WishList Member Membership

This is actually a “Rerun” of a forum thread we have featured in the past.

But it has been recently updated with more useful info so we decided to post a link to those new comments.

Some Insiders are engaged in an in depth discussion about the differences between Stripe and PayPal and what might be a better fit for them and their members.

There are plenty of items to consider and it is a good exercise in weighing the pros and cons to when determining which payment processor to use.

This type of decision making process is interesting to check out even if you are not using either of the mentioned payment options.

Get all the details in this forum thread.


  1. Gotta say, Private Tags are one of my most used features when it comes to developing a client site with multiple membership levels.

    Love, love, LOVE them!!!

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