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  • Tracking Your Conversions
  • An Invitation To A Master Mind Group
  • Blocking Spam Sign Ups

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Bing Conversion Code – Of Registration Page

How good is your conversation rate?

Maybe a better question is… Do you know what you conversion rate is?

This is an important statistic to keep track of as it can really affect your bottom line. A higher conversion rate can only be attained if you are tracking your current conversions.

This forum discussion touches on a specific way to insert conversion tracking code onto a registration page.

A suggestion is shared that may help you.


Forming A Master Mind Group

Are you interested in joining a Master Mind group for membership site owners?

An Insider has put the call out to anyone who may want to get together on a regular basis and sharing thoughts and ideas. Master Mind groups are a popular and effective way to learn from experienced individuals in a particular field.

These individuals meet as a group in order to find out what is and what is not working within their industry.

Check out this forum thread for more information if this is something that grabs your interest.


Security Concerns About Fake Members

Have you ever seen a new user in your site but are unsure how they signed up?

They may have a suspicious looking email address or there may not be a membership level tied to the account. There are a few things to watch for that could indicate some spam registrations have found a way in.

But how can you prevent spam users from signing up in the first place?

That is the topic of conversation within this forum thread.

Find out what Insiders are doing to block spam sign ups and please feel free to share your own ideas.

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