WishList Insider – Forum Focus 251

Please join us as we take a look into the Insider Forum.

There are many interesting and informative conversations going on at any given moment and we like to highlight certain threads in this weekly feature.

So what are we applying the focus to this time around?

  • The Importance Of Setting Prices
  • Themes That Work With WishList Member
  • Case Study Request From An Insider

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Pricing Strategy

Setting the cost of your membership is one of the most important decisions you will make.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to price.

Is it too high? Is it too low?

How can you know what members are willing to pay for what you are providing? These are all valid questions. The answers may play a part in determining the success of your membership site.

This conversation within the forum addresses the topics of setting a price and delivering content to those who decide to sign up.

Please join the discussion and share your thoughts on the matter.


Themes Compatible With WishList Member

How did you select the theme for your membership site?

Choosing only one can be a difficult process when there is such a wide variety of WordPress themes available.

There are a few common factors that usually come into play when selecting a new theme. Overall appearance is an obvious consideration since an aesthetically pleasing membership site is important.

An attractive site can attract potential members.

But functionality should not be overlooked.

An Insider asks if there are any known conflicts between WishList Member and any WordPress themes in this forum thread.


Have A Successful Membership Site?

Would you like your membership site to be featured as a case study?

A request has been posted by an Insider asking for submissions. More details can be found within the forum thread.

Please not that these case studies are not being collected or featured by the WishList Team. But being featured as a case study may be an opportunity to gain some additional site traffic.

Each new person who visits your site could end up becoming your newest member.

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