WishList Insider – Forum Focus 248

There is always something to talk about within the Insider Forum.

We’ve got a new batch of interesting and informative discussions to highlight this week.

Here is a quick sample of what you will find…

  • Different Widgets For Different Membership Levels
  • The “Need For Speed”
  • Hiding Content From Menus

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How To Do Dynamic Sidebars?

It would be pretty useful to be able to change how your sidebar appears depending on the membership levels viewing it.

This would allow you to display specific content to members through the use of the wide variety of available WordPress widgets.

Maybe you want a membership level to view upcoming events that only apply to them. Or perhaps there are extra bonuses that can only be accessed by your “Gold” level.

The ability to control the widgets that each membership level sees can make navigation easier for your members.

So how can this be done?

Check out this forum thread for all the details.


The “Need For Speed” Thread: Optimization Tips + Q&A For Fast WishList Member

A fast site is appreciated by its members.

The only thing better than quality content is getting that quality content faster.

So how can you ensure that you are providing an ideal user experience for your community when it comes to the quickness of your site?

There are a few different avenues that can be explored when optimizing a membership site.

We ask that you visit this forum thread and share any suggestions you have. You can also learn more about what other Insiders are doing to speed things up.


Hiding Content From Menus

Do you want to prevent protected content from showing up in your site navigation?

Are you offering a course that releases content on a set schedule?

Those two questions apply to this “Quick Hit” forum thread.

Too much content all at once can be overwhelming for members. But that same content is much easier to digest if it is broken down and presented in smaller “bite-sized” portions.

We invite you to join this conversation and to add your own perspective.

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