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  • Specialized And Optimized Hosting Services
  • A WishList Member “Stress Test”
  • PlugIns Affecting Other PlugIns

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Anyone Use Or Used Managed WordPress Hosting Like Synthesis, WP Engine, etc?

This forum conversation applies an interesting spin to the typical question about which hosting service is the most ideal.

The focus of this discussion is specialized hosting services that are optimized for WordPress.

An optimized hosting solution for WordPress sites seems like it could be a good choice for WishList Member users. But is this always the case?

What needs to be considered when looking at one of these hosting options?

Find out what Insiders suggest and recommend as they share their experiences with specialized hosting solutions within this thread.


“Stress Test” WishList Member, Anyone?

Can WishList Member handle a high volume of members?

What happens if 10,000 users sign up?

Will WishList Member still function when hundreds or thousands of members try to access the site at the same time?

These are common (and valid) questions that are at the core of this forum conversation. The goal of many membership sites is to attract as many members as possible. So it is important to ensure that the environment can handle high traffic and large numbers when the time comes.

Get more details in this thread and please feel free to share your thoughts on the topic as well.


Widget Logic Issues

There are so many different plugins and themes that can be used with WordPress.

The ability to customize a WordPress powered site is one of its greatest strengths.

But issues can sometimes arise due in part to all the choices and options that come with those plugins and themes.

This forum thread leads off by reporting some functionality issues with a couple of plugins that appear to be linked to another installed plugin. It seems that one or two plugins may be affecting how another plugin should work.

This forum post is a useful exercise in testing installed plugins.

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