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  • Changing An Existing URL
  • Choosing The Right Payment Processor
  • Preventing Password Sharing

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Caching Of Non WishList Member Site Blocks Access To Member Content

Selecting a URL is an important step towards building and maintaining your membership site.

You are off and running once you set the URL and can then focus on other aspects of the site build. But… what if you decide to change your URL after you have set up everything?

Perhaps you want to add /members to the URL in order to section off the membership area. There are a number of reasons why you may need to adjust your URL.

How can this be done and is there anything to keep in mind that will help avoid issues along the way?

Check out this forum thread as an Insider considers their options when dealing with this situation.



WooThemes is a popular WordPress theme developer but they do offer other products as well.

This forum discussion starts off by talking about the WooCommerce options for accepting payments and expands into a conversation about other online payment methods.

A lot of useful information is shared so if you are unsure about which payment option is right for you, then we recommend taking a moment to view this thread. We also invite anyone who may have more info to share on WooCommerce to share their thoughts and ideas.

A few minutes in this discussion could save you time and money.


Security – To Prevent Password Sharing And Multiple IP Logins?

Password sharing is a common concern for membership site owners.

This act can lead to member’s only content being viewed by those who have not paid.

A non-member could access protected content for free if a paying member shares their unique login details. Once a non-member has an active username and password, they can use those credentials to login whenever they choose.

So how can the risk of password sharing be reduced?

This “Quick Hit” forum thread looks into a WishList Member setting that can help.

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