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Are you looking to get caught up on all the action from the Insider Forum?

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There are questions and answers and discussions and suggestions and recommendations and… let’s just saw there is plenty of useful information with the forum.

For example:

  • Presenting Members With Multiple Courses
  • Sequential Upgrade And Private Tags
  • Changing The Color On A Registration Form

Keep reading for all the details.

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Offering Multiple Courses

A member will want immediate access to the content they have purchased once logged in.

So how can you show members the courses they own while also providing quick and easy access to the lessons?

This forum thread is based around this topic.

A suggestion has been posted that explains how to set up a series of thumbnails that can be clicked on to view the courses. But are there other ways to handle this task?

We invite you to post your own thoughts and ideas by joining in on the conversation.


WishList Member Private Tags And Sequential Upgrade – Best Practices

Upgrading members through a number of membership levels is a popular method used to drip content out.

This allows a site owner to release content on a set schedule.

The WishList Member Sequential Upgrade feature can be used to facilitate this type of content delivery. But there are a few options and settings to consider when getting started.

More upgrades mean that more membership levels will need to be created.

Choosing between a Sequential Move or Sequential Add will effect how the content needs to be protected.

These topics all come up within this forum thread.

The WishList Member Private Tag protection even makes an appearance.

Check out this discussion to learn more.


Change Color Of Text In A Button WishList Member Registration Form

Here is a “Quick Hit” forum thread that deals with the color of text on a registration form button and how it can be edited.

Typically, the text color will not need to be altered on a registration form but there can be instances when something like the activated theme may alter that color.

This is where CSS can help.

There are a few different options when it comes to editing the text color and a couple of those options are shared in this conversation.


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