WishList Insider – Forum Focus 244

What’s new?

That is an excellent question and one that can be answered with a quick peak within the Insider Forum.

There are plenty of interesting and informative conversations happening all the time and we want to shine the spotlight on a few.

Topics include…

  • Private Tags Helping Deliver A Course
  • Customized Solutions
  • Insider Evaluations

Continue reading to get in on the action.

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Weekly Drip (New Info Same Page)

The power of a private tag (and reverse private tag).

That is one of the points of conversation in this thread.

These WishList Member features have come up again in the Insider Forum. For good reason too.

A private tag can totally change the content on a page or post. They provide many different options for displaying protected content.

In this case, they are helping an Insider deliver content over the course of a 40 week span.

Visit the forum to get all the details.


Bypass WishList Member Using API

This conversation gets into a technical question from an Insider who is asking about some code adjustments for WishList Member.

Is this possible and how could it be done?

The WishList Products team cannot support customized code but the Insider forum is a great place to discuss these types of things.

This thread is a good example of an Insider looking for a bit of customization.

Head over to the forum to find out more.


Insider Evaluations – Open For Submissions

We want to take a look at some Insider sites.

Each month, we post a new Insider Evaluation. These video tours involve our team navigating around a membership site and offering up some suggestions and insights.

These videos are helpful to those looking to update or improve their own sites.

If you are interested in your site being the possible subject of an evaluation, please check out this forum thread for more info.

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