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Have you visited the Insider Forum lately?

We have pulled some interesting forum threads to share with the Insiders this week.

Here is a sample of what has Insiders talking:

  • Creating And Delivering Bonuses For Members
  • Editing Your WordPress Theme
  • Hiding The WordPress Dashboard

Keep reading to learn more and join in the action.

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Creating A Monthly Signup Bonus

A special bonus is a powerful incentive for new members.

These types of bonuses can lead to more registrations as they serve as incentives. You may have potential members deciding if they want to join your community. A sign up bonus can be that little something extra that helps them make their final decision.

So how can you offer and manage a monthly sign up bonus?

We invite you to visit this forum thread to learn more.


Graphic Headers In Themes – No Longer Supported? Why?

Do you like to edit your theme?

It is common to want to tweak a theme a bit. Maybe you want to change the size of a logo or adjust the colour palette.

The trick is figuring out the best way to make edits to your theme.

This forum thread looks into ways you can adjust your theme so that it matches your vision.

Please feel free to post any of your own suggestions within the conversation as well.


Best Plugin To Hide WordPress Dashboard From WishList Member Users

This is a “Quick Hit” forum thread that deals with the WordPress dashboard.

The goal addressed in this forum thread is how to remove the dashboard or hide it from users (members in particular).

A plugin is suggested by an Insider that looks like it would handle the job. But, as an added bonus, another plugin is mentioned that can help to manage other small plugins.

It doesn’t take long for a WordPress site to get loaded up with many plugins. If you don’t keep track of the plugins that get installed, you can run into speed issues with your site.

Learn more within this conversation.

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