WishList Insider – Forum Focus 218

It is that time of the week again!

We take a moment to focus on three informative and interesting threads from within the Insider Forum.

Here are the latest highlighted conversations:

  • Differences Between WL Dashboard and WL Dashboard 2.0
  • Domain Or Sub-Domain
  • Limited Time Access To Podcasts

Get the answers to these questions here…

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WL Dashboard 2 – How To Get Buttons Like We Had In WL Dashboard 1?

Do you use the WL Dashboard 2.0 plugin?

This is the second version of a dashboard plugin that we have developed and it includes a number of improvements over the original WL Dashboard.

But we received some requests regarding the look and feel of the updated dashboards and this forum thread is a good example of the suggestions from Insiders being considered and applied to a plugin.

We invite you to view the discussion and to add any of your own thoughts.


WishList Member Better On Domain Or Subdomain

This is an older forum thread that recently became active again with some additional questions from Insiders.

Which is the better option when it comes to installing WishList Member?

A domain or a sub-domain?

The answer just might be… it depends.

This forum thread looks into the different reasons and things to consider when deciding on where to install WishList Member.

Check out the conversation and find out which option is best for you and your site.


Mixergy Style Membership

Are you interested in offering podcasts to your members for a limited time?

That is the theme of this forum thread. Podcasts are a popular method of content delivery as members can listen to these audio lessons while driving, walking, before bed, etc.

But is it possible to provide access to podcasts for a set amount of time?

If you offer podcasts to your members or want to learn more we encourage you to join this forum conversation.

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