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We tend to end up leaving with more knowledge than we went in with.

That seems to be the case each time we venture into the Insider Forums.

It is pretty easy to pick up a few tips or tricks as you read over the questions and answers posted within the various threads.

Here is a sample of a few conversations from the Insider Forum:

  • Time Based Member Gifts
  • Where Is Your PDT Token?
  • Members Only Podcasts

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Add Vs Move And Payment

Have you ever wanted to give your members a gift?

This is an excellent way to thank those who have joined your community and also serves as an effective retention strategy.

But what if you want to only provide the gift after a set period of time?

For example, you may want to give your members a bonus after they have been a part of your membership for three months.

How can you track the length of their membership and deliver the gift at the time of your choosing?

Check out this forum thread for more details and please feel free to share your own ideas when it comes to delivering gifts to members.


PayPal Has Changed (Where Is The PDT Token?)

Are you having trouble finding the PDT Token in PayPal?

The PDT Token is needed when setting up the WishList Member/PayPal integration. This token plays an important part in the process of accepting payment through PayPal so locating it within your account is required.

This “Quick Hit” forum thread helps to troubleshoot why you may not be able to find the PDT Token when logged into your PayPal account.


Member-Only Podcast Feed?

Would you like to offer a members only podcast feed?

That question is addressed within this forum thread.

There are a number of options available for downloading and listening to podcasts so protecting these files is important.

We invite you to join the conversation and offer any advice or share any experiences you may have had protecting podcasts for your members.

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