WishList Insider – Forum Focus 215

We have three interesting conversations we would like to highlight in this edition of Forum Focus.

If you have not checked in with the Insider Forum lately, now is definitely a good opportunity to catch up.

Featured Forum Threads:

  • Extending An Expired Membership
  • Password Reset Issues (But Only For Some Members)
  • Pausing A Membership

They are all waiting for you inside the forums.

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How To Extend Membership Without Affecting Registration Date

This is an older forum conversation that was recently updated with some new information regarding the possibility of “un-expiring” and expired membership.

There is not an option to “un-expire” a membership level once it runs out. This is because the WishList Member expire feature is intended to prevent access once the set time expires.

But there is a workaround that can be used on occasions where a site owner wants to extend the access of a member who has expired or is about to expire.

This workaround is a quick adjustment that will allow a member with an expired membership level to gain access to the protected content again.

We invite you to check out this forum thread if you have ever been curious about the possibility of “un-expiring” a membership level.


Password Reset Help

This is a “Quick Hit” forum thread that deals with the issue of passwords not resetting correctly for all members.

Have you ever heard from some members who say the Lost Password option to reset their password does not work? So you try it yourself and… it allows you to reset your password.

What could be causing this issue?

If you (and most of your other members) are able to reset a password, why are some members having trouble with the process?

This forum thread has some suggestions about what might be causing the problem and how to resolve it.


Pause Membership

Have you ever thought about pausing a membership?

Is there a way to pause a membership and then allow that member to regain access after a period of time?

A few Insiders have considered different ways that this could possibly be accomplished and are discussing those options within this forum thread.

Please visit this conversation and add any thoughts and ideas that may have to the mix.

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