WishList Insider – Forum Focus 214

When was the last time you visited the Insider forum?

Now is the perfect opportunity to get caught up and find out what everyone is talking about. Here are a few topics currently up for discussion:

  • What Was The Last PlugIn You Installed?
  • Some Helpful Tools Within WishList Insider
  • Choosing A Hosting Provider

Keep reading to jump into the conversations.

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What Was The Last PlugIn You Installed?

We want to hear from you.

Plugins are an important part of any WordPress powered site and we are inviting you to share some of your favourites with us.

We know that many Insiders are using WishList Member to manage their communities but we want you to tell us about some other plugins that make your job easier.

Is there a plugin that has become indispensable to you?

We ask that you visit this forum thread and let us know.


Getting Started In WishList Insider (Useful Links)

This is a “Quick Hit” forum post that we recommend new and existing Insiders check out.

We have added a number of useful links that direct to some valuable and useful information within the Insider community.

These resources will help new members as they get started and also serve as helpful reminders to those who have been members for some time.

Please visit this forum post to find links to documents and courses located within the Insider site.



This is a common and popular topic of conversation within the Insider forum.

Selecting (or switching to) a hosting provider is a decision that should involve research and careful consideration.

So it is very fortunate that there are forum threads like this one to help make that decision easier for Insiders.

Are you happy with your current hosting provider?

Perhaps you are weighing your options and are not quite sure which option to choose.

Please join this conversation and share your experience or ask any questions you may have.

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