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Well, it just happens to be that time of week when we highlight some of the awesome forum threads within WishList Insider.

Good thing we have some ready for you 🙂

  • A Lower Than Expected Open Rate
  • Looking For Ways To Adjust Pages And Posts
  • Creating An Ideal User Experience For Members

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Massive Drop In Constant Contact Open Rates, Any Ideas?

Keeping an open line of communication with your community is important.

An effective and popular way to stay in touch with members is through regularly scheduled email messages. But it can be difficult to stay in contact if those emails are not being opened.

This forum thread includes an Insider who is looking for possible reasons why their open rate may be lower than expected.

Please visit this forum thread and share any ideas or personal experience you may have.


Full Width Post

How can you change the width of your pages or posts?

This may seem like a pretty quick and easy process but your site may handle this a few different ways depending on plugins or themes being used.

There are a few options to check when looking to adjust the template within your site. So how can you know which options are available to you?

This forum thread makes a few recommendations and we also ask that you share any of your own ideas.


What’s The Most Utilitarian And Member Friendly Content Format?

How can you present content to your members in a clear and easy to understand manner?

There are a few options which can be considered. A specific navigation bar could be added or a dedicated dashboard could be constructed to help point your members in the right direction.

Are you using either of these options to make things easier on your members?

Join this conversation and please feel free to share any methods you are using to make the user experience for your community a great one.

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