WishList Insider – Forum Focus 205

Can you hear that?

If you listen carefully, you can pick up the conversations coming from the Insider Forums.

Just in case you missed it, we want to shine the focus on the following…

  • Working With Custom Fields In The Registration Form
  • Posting Specific Content For A Member
  • Security PlugIns

Join in the conversations here…

Adding A Dropdown List To Custom Registration Form

Here is the the latest “Quick Hit” forum thread we want to share with Insiders.

This one is for anyone who likes to work with code and uses the custom registration form within WishList Member.

I read this question in the forum and then spoke with our development team in order to pass along some info about custom fields and how they function.

If you have questions about the WishList Member custom registration forms, please feel free to post them in this thread.


User Post Question

We are keeping the theme of “Quick Hit” conversations going with this next one.

If you want to provide a member with exclusive access to content, how would you handle that?

The WishList Member Pay Per Post feature can help in a situation like this. But how would you display the content so that only that member can access it?

Find out more in this quick exchange within the forum.


How Can You Test A Plugin For Security Leaks?

We are going to feature one more (you guessed it) “Quick Hit” this week.

But this forum thread is a bit different. We are asking for your assistance this time around.

An Insider is asking about security plugins and if anyone has any suggestions. Do you use a security plugin? Have you used one in the past?

We encourage you to join this conversation and share your tips and experiences.

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