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How do you get your questions answered?

Maybe you ask a colleague or a friend. Or it might be time to tap into some Google Search results.

Well, why not head over to the Insider Forum? It’s full of knowledgeable Insiders with real life experiences.

Here are some recent highlights:

  • Cloaking Or Masking Download Links
  • Combining WishList Member Private Tags
  • Limiting Page Views

Join the conversations here…

Cloaking Of Product Download Links & Download Counts?

Have you ever wanted to cloak or mask your download links?

That is the topic of conversation within this Insider forum thread.

Protecting your download links is an important idea to consider. The content you are providing to members is valuable and you want to be sure that your links are protected.

Some Insiders have offered up a few suggestions and tools that can help secure links.

We invite you to join this conversation and share any ideas or experiences you may have with cloaking or masking links.


Combining Private Tags For Membership Levels

The Insider Forum is the perfect place to ask for assistance.

If you have an idea for your membership site but aren’t quite sure how to make it happen, the forum is the perfect place to engage in discussion with the Insider community.

Additional minds thinking about the same thing will result in more ideas.

This conversation within the forum started with a few questions posted by an Insider. Then another member of the community followed up with some advice.

The topic of this conversation is WishList Member private tags and how they can be used for multiple membership levels.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts on the subject.


Need A Plugin That Limits Number Of Pages Members Can View Daily

How can you prevent members from signing up, downloading everything, and then cancelling their membership?

This is a common issue that membership site owners deal with on a consistent basis.

This forum thread is dealing specifically with the protection of videos. How can those videos be best protected to guard against mass downloading?

The Insider community has shared some tips to help within the forum and we invite you to join in the conversation.

Let us know how you are protecting your own videos and learn how others are achieving the same goal.

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