WishList Insider – Forum Focus 192

There is plenty of activity within the Insider Forums.

A wide variety of topics are covered on a daily basis so we like to take a moment each week and shine the spotlight on a few threads that grabbed out attention.

Do any of the following capture your interest?

  • Advice On Site Launches
  • Where Should You Place It?
  • Limited Time Offers

All the info is waiting within the forums…

Need Some Launch Advice

The title of this forum thread is a fairly common request when it comes to opening the doors to a membership site.

The launch of your community is very important so any tips you can get from Insiders will be very beneficial.

This particular conversation focuses on a set enrollment period and how that should be handled. When should it start? When should it end?

Have you held an enrollment period for your membership site?

Please feel free to head over to the forum and share your experiences or ask any questions you may have.


Visitor and Free Member Advertising

Where should you place your membership purchase option for non-members within your content?

Should the member sign up option be placed at the end of the article? Or perhaps it should be added to the middle?

Maybe it should be placed at the very beginning of the content?

The placement of the purchase option is an important decision.

This forum thread discusses this topic and we encourage you to share your opinions.


Limiting Number Of Members During Enrollment Period

There are some interesting concepts discussed in this forum thread.

Have you ever considered setting a time limit for your registration?

Or maybe a limit on the total number of members who can join?

Limiting the number of members or the time they can join may seem like a strange concept. Why would you want to limit or prevent any members from joining your community?

Check out this discussion to find out more on this intriguing idea.

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