WishList Insider – Forum Focus 191

We want to highlight three forum threads that could make things easier when creating and maintaining your membership site.

The following conversations are in the “spotlight” this time around…

  • Factors To Consider Regarding Price Increases
  • Editing The Profile Section
  • How To Handle Comments From Non-Members

Find out what Insiders are talking about.

Price Increase

So you have decided to raise the price of your membership.

All you need to do is jack up the price and watch the additional cash to roll in!

Well, not really. There are a number of factors to consider when looking into raising the cost to join your community.

Will the price change for existing members?

How much higher is the new price?

Will there be multiple new prices?

This forum discussion between Insiders touches on some important points to think through before you increase the sign up price.


Enhanced Member Profile Page

Here is a new “Quick Hit” forum thread that looks into a fairly common request.

Is it possible to edit the WordPress profile page for members?

Visit the forum to learn more about a suggested plugin that can help. This plugin will even allow for the WordPress login page to be customized to fit the look and feel of your site.

Taking a couple of minutes to check out this conversation could result in a different user experience for your members.


Comments From Site Visitors – Thoughts?

It is always a good thing when your members decide to comment through out your site.

Members engaging in conversations with you and other members helps to build a strong and thriving community.

But what happens if non-members start commenting on unprotected content?

Should you start a conversation with these non-members as well?

Check out this forum thread for more info on this topic and please feel free to share your opinions and experiences as well.

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