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Each time we venture into the Insider Forums, we always end up leaving with more knowledge than we went in with.

It’s pretty easy to pick up a few tips or tricks along the way.

For example, the forum is just waiting to offer assistance on the following topics:

  • More Questions About Site Pop-ups
  • Are You Branding Your Content?
  • A Look Into Site Speed

Get all the details here…

Pop-up Questions

The most common question that seems to “pop up” within the Insider forum regarding site Pop-ups is; “Should I or should I not include Pop-ups on my site?”

That is a valid question but this thread digs a bit deeper into how Pop-ups can be used on a membership site.

How long should you wait before the Pop-up appears to a visitor?

How long should you wait between Pop-up messages to the same visitor?

These are a couple of the questions addressed in this conversation.

We encourage you to join in and give us your opinions on Pop-ups.


Downloadable PDF Question

Do you include a watermark, call to action or any type of distinguishing feature on your downloadable materials?

If you are offering PDFs to your members, is there any way to know that the document came from your membership site once it has been downloaded and is in a member’s hands?

Ensuring that your content is branded and secure is an important part of the content creation process.

Find out how Insiders are protecting their content and themselves by adding just a little bit more to the offerings.



The title of this forum thread says it all… Speed.

Almost everyone is concerned with keeping their site speed as quick as possible.

A slow site can lead to frustrated members as they try to navigate to the content they desire. If the process takes too long, the member may simply cancel their membership and leave.

So what can you do to make sure your site is running in top shape?

Check out this thread as Insiders discuss speed issues and their sites.

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