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  • Custom Messages For Members
  • Banners On Your Membership Site
  • Protecting A “Members Only” Forum

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Create Customized Message For Clients In The Site

Have you ever wanted to send a message to an individual member?

Maybe you wanted to give them a special thank you for a comment they posted. Or perhaps they were especially helpful to another member of the community and you want to reach out and reward them.

It sounds like you may want the ability to send Private Messages.

So how can you do this within your membership site?

This forum thread asks that same question and the community is interested in your answers.

Please feel free to share any Private Messaging ideas or experiences you may have within this forum thread.


PlugIn To Publish Ours Banners

A membership site includes various pieces of “real estate”.

This means that there are different locations within the site design that can be used for different purposes.

One piece of real estate which can be used very effectively on a membership a site is a banners section. This section can be used for marketing, promotion, sales, member engagement, etc.

Are you displaying a set of rotating banners on your site?

This forum thread looks into ways that you could be.


How Do I Protect A vBulletin Forum At mydomain.com/forum?

Including a “Members Only” forum is a very popular option for many communities.

Forums are where many relationships between members are started and nurtured so it makes sense to want to protect these areas within a membership site.

This conversation discusses how to potentially protect a forum with a quick WishList Member setting adjustment.

If the Forum software you are using includes a short code to allow the forum to be placed onto a page then the set up process show be relatively quick.

You could have a Forum included on your membership site by the end of the day.

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