WishList Insider – Forum Focus 188

The Forums always have a good amount of useful information being shared amongst the Insider community.

This time around, the focus is being applied to the following topics:

  • Are You Offering Physical Products?
  • Do You Have A Contract?
  • Some Technical Assistance

Keep reading for all the info.

Need Help With Registering Members When Buying Physical Products

Have you ever considered selling physical products to go along with your membership site?

Being able to offer additional items for sale to your community can result in higher profits and happy customers. You already know that WishList Member can be used to produce an effective membership site.

But how can you present and sell physical items as well?

This forum thread digs into this question and offers some suggestions.

We encourage you to share any experiences you have had in dealing with physical items on your site.


Sample Contract?

Have you ever partnered up with another membership site owner on a project?

Perhaps you have been asked to assist someone with building a membership site and the subject of revenue splitting has come up.

This usually means it is time for a contract. But how can you create a contract that protects everyone involved? How can you be sure that all the I’s have been dotted and all the T’s have been crossed?

This forum thread is looking for answers to those questions and we invite you to join the conversation with any advice or thoughts you may have.


WP-Login and WPEngine

This conversation between Insiders deals with a technical issue that came up regarding a post redirect.

A security setting meant that a code adjustment was required and an Insider has posted the adjustment for the community to see.

These are the types of helpful forum threads that we love to see within the Insider Forum. Insiders taking the time to help other Insiders.

Be sure to check out the forum if you ever have any technical questions. Chances are it has already been addressed and discussed in a previous conversation. The search feature will allow you to do a quick look for any relevant topics.

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