WishList Insider – Forum Focus 180

We’ve got some good “Thinker” topics to highlight in this edition of Forum Focus.

The Insiders have asked solid questions that require some thought to decide the best course of action.

  • A Cool PlugIn
  • Which WordPress PlugIns Do You Love?
  • Which WordPress Themes Are Your Favorites?

Find out what everyone is talking about here…

Cool PlugIn

The name of this forum thread instantly grabbed my attention.

I like a “cool plugin” as much as the next person so I quickly clicked the title to learn more.

It turns out that this particular WordPress plugin is a helpful solution for any one who is looking to add a “Coming Soon” feature to a membership site they are working on.

The Insider who recommends this plugin also included a link so we could see it in action.

Jump over to the forum for all the details.


What Plugins Do You Love To Use On Your Membership Site?

Which WordPress plugins are your favorites?

Can you narrow it down to a list of 2 or 3? Or would your list include more than just a few?

An Insider started a very useful thread within the forum where they asked the community to list their “must have” plugins.

Check out this growing list to learn which plugins Insiders are fans of and be sure to add your own favorites.

This is an excellent way to create a resource of popular and often used plugins.


Which Themes Do You Love To Use With WishList Member?

Let’s keep the “theme” of Insider recommendations going by applying the spotlight to… Themes!

Just like plugins, there are many WordPress themes available (with new ones being created and released all the time).

So how do you decide which WordPress theme is best for you and your members?

Join this conversation in the forum to find out which themes Insiders are using. You might just find your next theme.

Of course, we want you to tell us which themes you prefer as well.

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