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  • It Is Speedy Enough?
  • What Is The Order Level Used For?
  • Which Affiliate Option Is Best?

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WishList Member CPU Usage

How is your site running?

Is it as speedy as you would like it to be?

Making sure that your membership site runs optimally is an important aspect to managing your community.

If members aren’t able to access content quickly enough it can lead to frustration.

This forum thread discusses some things to watch for when dealing with the quickness of your membership site.


Ordering Levels And Hierarchy

Some of my favourite threads in the Insider forums are the “Quick Hits”.

These are conversations that may only be a few short messages back and forth between members but they still deliver useful and helpful tips.

The topic this time around has to do with Membership Levels and Hierarchy.

Why do Membership Levels have a Level Order?

Plus, there is even a quick bit about WL ID Card.

Feel free to jump in and join the conversation.


What Affiliate Software Do You Like?

An affiliate program can be very beneficial for you and your members.

If your members enjoy the community they are a part of enough to promote it to others then an affiliate program is something to consider.

Your members will be more likely to recommend the membership to others if they will also be rewarded in return.

So what are the best affiliate program options that can be used with WishList Member?

Join this discussion for more details.

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