WishList Insider – Forum Focus 178

Did you visit the forums this week?

If not, we want to encourage you to check out some forum highlights. Insiders are always trading interesting and informative content back and forth.

We focus on the following…

  • How Are You Delivering Timed Content?
  • Customizing The WordPress Login Page
  • The WishList Member Export Feature

Keep reading for all the details…

Content Scheduler VS. Membership Levels

How are you delivering timed content?

There are a few different options that can be used with WishList Member that will allow content to be presented to members based on a set schedule.

This forum thread looks to compare the WishList Member Sequential Upgrade feature with the WL Content Scheduler plugin.

Each option offers a different method to allow members to access content on a time line that you specify. Which is best for you and your members?

Please feel free to join the conversation and share your experience and suggestions.


What Plugin Do You (WishList Insider) Use To Brand Your Login Screen

Here is a “Quick Hit” Forum thread.

It is focused on the WordPress login page that appears on WishList Insider and how we designed it to look the way that it does.

The quick back and forth conversation should help if you are interested in customizing your WordPress login page or would like it to match your theme.

If you have adjusted your own login page then we would also love to hear how you do it.

The forum is the perfect place to share these types of ideas.


Export Members

How much data can you include when you export a list of Members from WishList Member?

Are you able to export (and then import) passwords?

That is the main focus of this “Quick Hit” thread.

The WishList Member export feature has been updated in the newer versions of WishList Member so it may handle more tasks than you remember.

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