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  • How Would You Structure This?
  • Maximum Capacity Reached
  • What’s Your “Magic Number”?

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How Would You Structure This?

Is it possible to switch from selling content as individual products to selling access to a membership?

Yes, this is possible. But the next question is…


What do you need to do in order to transition from a products based model to a recurring payment membership model?

Find out within this forum conversation.


New Users Can’t Access Registration Page

What is one of the worst problems you can run into when a large number of members are signing up for your site?

That’s right. There can be a “problem” in this scenario.

Typically, we all want as many members as possible to join our site. But there is something to watch for when those member totals keep growing.


How much space does your hosting account allow? How may connections are allowed at one time?

These are important questions to look into before your site get over-loaded.

This forum thread addresses the phrase… “Maximum Capacity Reached”.


Having A Hard Time Deciding On A Price For My Membership?

What is the “Magic Number”?

Where is that “sweet spot” on the pricing scale where members will jump at the chance to join and you will be able to earn a living?

This is a very important aspect of a membership site and one that everyone should think about.

Join this conversation and let us know what you think.

How did you decide on your prices? Would you do anything differently based on what you know now?

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