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Let’s take a look and see what has Insiders talking within the Forums.

  • Using ClickBank To Sell A Course
  • A Potential New Tool To Create Content
  • Multiple Membership Levels In One Private Tag

If you’re interested in any of these topics (and MORE) we invite you to keep reading as we shine the spotlight on a number of awesome forum threads.

Questions are asked and answered by Insiders and the WishList Team.

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ClickBank Integration – How To Sell A Course

This conversation is an excellent example of an Insider asking a few questions and another Insider jumping in with some quick and informative answers.

The forums are packed with cases like this.

This time around, the conversation is centered on using ClickBank to accept payment for a membership course.

But there are a few twists and turns along the way that make things interesting.

If you are curious about offering a course to your members or have used (or plan to use ClickBank) we recommend checking out this forum thread.


Using Evernote To Develop Your Site Content

Let’s keep the theme running of quick questions getting quick answers within the Insider Forum.

Developing content for a membership site can sometimes be a bit of a chore. You may not feel inspired to write an article or you may not have the motivation to record a new video.

Any tools you can use to make content creation easier definitely help.

Enter this helpful suggestion from an Insider.

Check out this forum thread to learn about a tool that can help save you time. We can all use more time 🙂


Multiple Private Short Codes Into One?

Have you ever wanted to include multiple membership levels in one WishList Member private tag?

If you join this conversation within the forum you can learn what your options are.

This thread showcases exactly what can happen when a question is posted by an Insider. Other Insiders offer their own advice and experiences and solutions are found.

As always, we encourage you to add your voice to the community by visiting the forums and join in on the fun.

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