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This week’s sample of forum threads has a little something for everyone.

  • Curious which Foum is best for you? Keep reading…
  • Are you getting Unauthorized SignUps? We’ve got you covered…
  • How can you protect content on mobile devices? More details…

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Which Forum Would You Recommend? Simple Press or Mingle?

What are you using to power your Forum?

There are a number of popular plugins that allow for an interactive community to be installed on your membership site and this thread shines the spotlight on two of those options.

SimplePress or Mingle.

We want to know which forum you prefer so please join in the conversation.

This is a great way to find out which option is the best fit for you and your members.


Unauthorized SignUps

Have you ever noticed some new users appear in your site who do not have a membership level?

Where did these users come from and how were they able to join your site?

If you see new users and they do not have a membership level associated with their account then it is likely that they have signed up through your WordPress site. This means they are WordPress users and do not have a membership level.

How can you prevent this type of thing?

Check out this forum thread as Insiders discus this topic.


How To Get Videos To Play On iPad/Smartphone And Still Have Them Protected?

This is an interesting question.

Of course, the Insiders joined the conversation with some interesting responses.

With the ever increasing popularity of tablets and smartphones, it is a good idea to consider how your content is presented and viewed on these types of devices.

Find out what Insiders suggest and please feel free to voice your opinion as well.

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