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Each time we venture into the Insider Forums we always end up leaving with more knowledge than we went in with.

It’s actually difficult not to pick up a few tips or tricks along the way.

For example, the forum is just waiting to offer assistance on the following topics:

  • Incomplete Registrations Made Easy
  • Embed Documents On Your Site
  • Allow Someone To Help You

Get all the details here…

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Easy Way To Address Incomplete Registrations

You have likely seen Incomplete Registrations appear in your Members tab.

These are the result of someone starting the registration process but then not completely filling in the registration form. There are a number of ways to finish these registrations and that is the topic of conversation within this forum thread.

How do you handle Incomplete Registrations?

What is the most efficient way to give access to these members?

Jump into the forum and learn more.


Embed Google Docs & PDFs

I read this forum thread and immediately thought… “That’s pretty cool” 🙂

An Insider described how they wanted to embed certain documents on their site and a discussion began. This would allow for a team to keep track of numerous events and information.

So how can this be done?

Are there plugins available that will allow a site admin to embed different documents throughout a WordPress site?

Join the conversation and find out what was suggested and please feel free to offer up any ideas you may have.


Limit Admin Functionality

Have you ever needed help managing the admin section of your WishList Member site?

Maybe you wanted to give someone access to the Members tab so they can monitor new member sign ups. Or perhaps you want to allow someone to set up a new integration.

Is it possible to allow a member specific access to the admin section?

This forum thread gives some options for allowing others to help you while not opening up your entire admin section of WordPress.

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