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We’ve got some more awesome conversations to highlight in this edition of Forum Focus.

If you haven’t checked in with the forum lately, now is definitely the time.

Learn more about…

  • When Should You Submit A Ticket?
  • Submitting And Viewing Member Content
  • Resources And Site Reviews

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Why Submitting A Trouble Ticket Is A Very Good Idea

When is a good time to submit a ticket to the Support Department?

The forums are an excellent source of knowledge and there are always interesting and informative conversations going on.

If you have questions, then it is very likely that you will find the answers or help from other Insiders within the forum.

But sometimes it may be more beneficial to submit a ticket.

We invite you to check out this conversation and let us know what you think.


Allowing User Input To Be Saved And Displayed Back

Here is an interesting scenario that was posted by an Insider in the forum…

“…Users will be asked to answer questions as they go through the education. I need their answers to be stored in the database and then displayed to the user after they save their answer.

They also need to be able to edit and re-save their answers.”

This really gets the creative juices flowing!

Other Insiders jumped in with some advice and ideas and we would love to hear any suggestions you could add to the conversation.

We always enjoy it when Insiders lend their unique voices to the forum threads.

As they say… “more heads are better than one” 🙂


Great Books And Resources For Membership Sites

Have you read any good books lately?

An Insider created this forum thread with the intention of finding out what other Insiders are reading and what resources they find useful.

This is a great idea and a very good way to share the tools that everyone is using to build and maintain their own successful membership sites.

The Insider also asks for any feedback on their site which is another effective way to improve the member experience.

We encourage you to submit your own resources and your own site for review.

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