WishList Insider – Forum Focus 154

We want to highlight three forum threads that could make things easier when creating and maintaining your membership site.

The following conversations are in the “spotlight” this time around…

  • An Idea For A Large Membership Launch
  • From Your Facebook Page To Your Membership Site
  • Are You Looking For A Graphic Designer?

Keep reading to find out what Insiders are talking about.

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My Bright Little Idea On How To Properly Do A Massive WLM Launch

It’s always great when things work out.

There are times when you are developing a membership site when the need to have two systems work together arises. These situations can sometimes be… difficult (to say the least).

Getting these systems to talk to each other and get along isn’t always the easiest process but in the case described within this forum thread, the pieces seemed to fall together nicely.


Facebook ‘App’ That Links To My Sales Page

Have you ever considered adding a graphic link to your membership site on your Facebook page?

That is the question focused on in this conversation.

It is likely that your Facebook page will be viewed by people who would also be interested in joining your membership site. So how can you include a quick link?

An Insider shares some really useful advice about learning how to add something like this with the help provided by Facebook.


Exceptional Graphic Designer

We all know that an attractive membership site can also attract members.

Your site not looking its best can definitely work against you.

You may offer the best content and the most active community but if potential members are scared away by your site’s appearance, that’s a problem.

A graphic designer can help.

But how do you find a good one?

Head over to this forum conversation to get more details on the designers who have helped other Insiders.

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